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Canine$80Rabies, Bordetella, DHLPP
Feline Indoor$60Rabies, FRCP
Feline Outdoor$80Rabies, FRCP, Leukemia

Canine $130
Feline Indoor$90
Feline Outdoor$110

Canine Annual includes: Physical Exam, Vaccinations, Fecal (please bring a sample) and heartworm test.
Feline Annual includes: Physical Exam, Vaccinations and Fecal (please bring a sample).

Heartworm test $40
Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes. Both indoor and outdoor dogs are at risk as mosquitoes come inside as well. The treatment for heartworms is costly for the owner and painful to dogs.  Preventative is much cheaper and comes in treat form.

Microchip $50 includes registration.
Microchip $25 if done while your pet is sedated for surgery.

Canine $450
Feline $400

Dental includes: Pre-surgical bloodwork, Anesthesia, Pain injection, Deep Cleaning and Polishing and any simple extractions.

Front Declaw$275
Front/Rear Declaw$350

Spay (female)Price*----------Neuter (male)Price**
Feline $230Feline$210

Surgery includes: Pre-surgical bloodwork, Anesthesia, Pain Injection and Sterilization.
Canine Neuter includes e-collar as well.

*additional fee if female is pregnant, in heat, or obese or has a pyometra at the time of surgery.
**additional fee if both testicles have not descended.

We require a credit card number to schedule surgeries.  There is a $50 fee for no shows or late cancellations.  24 hour cancellation notice required.